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 Project "Accept_Ability" considering disability issues, difference standards and social inclusion. First prize awarded by the Portuguese magazine "Plural & Singular" on their 2016 photo contest. Project exhibited at www.cpf.pt from Dec 2016-Mar2017. Life-story of the models, their strives, struggles and achievements on my Facebook: www.facebook.com/nuno.f.pereira.71 . Featured on the Newspaper Público P3 section ( P3: http://p3.publico.pt/actualidade/sociedade/22550/olhar-para-o-espelho-e-aceitar-diferenca ). Photographer of the Month at the photojournalist Paulo Pimenta blog  ( http://fotospress.blogspot.pt/2017/02/fotografo-convidado-do-mes-fevereiro.html ). Detailed story on the Portuguese radio station "Radio Renascença".